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Davis, William.jpg

William Davis

Lexington, KY

Ross, Jerry2.jpg

Jerry Ross

Jasonville, IN

Braudis, Brad 2.jpg

Brad Braudis

Radcliff, KY

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A Word from Dr. Smith...

In conjunction with the National Sword Conference this summer, we are including a brand-new addition—The National Sword Youth Conference. The speakers will be Brother William Davis, Brother Jerry Ross, and Brother Brad Braudis. The sessions of the youth conference will begin at 3:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There will be activities, food, and preaching. The sessions will finish at 6:30 pm so that the youth can make their way to the main Gospel Light auditorium for the National Sword Conference evening sessions.


Let me urge you to get this on your church calendar and bring your young people. We already have many young people who attend the National Sword Conference. These two events working together will have a tremendous impact on your youth.


Just like our National Sword Conference, there is no charge for your youth to attend this event.

Shelton Smith Thin

Dr. Shelton L. Smith

President + Editor

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